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Flooded Basement Restoration and Cleanup

As the lowest point in your home, your basement is likely the first to flood during a water emergency or severe storm. When that happens, Restoration 1 is the premier flood damage restoration and cleanup service capable of arriving at the scene within an hour of your call. Since first opening our doors, we’ve helped homeowners just like you with flooded basement restoration and cleanup after any sort of water intrusion.

Our straightforward restoration process is perfect for a flooded basement. Upon arrival, the team will work quickly and efficiently to begin cleaning the mess. The result is a clean basement – free of water damage, mold, or moisture.

24-Hour Flood Damage Restoration

Your basement is liable to flood at any time. You don’t get to pick when a storm strikes the region or when a pipe bursts, but you do get to choose who you call to help. Your local Restoration 1 is available 24/7 for flooded basement restoration and cleanup. When you call, we dispatch a team within an hour. That team is fully equipped with advanced restoration tools and years of on-the-job training to deal with water damage. We guarantee your home will be back to normal in no time.

Common Causes of Basement Flooding

Being underground, a basement is exposed to the elements for more extended periods than the rest of your home. And so, you can imagine that rainwater that has seeped into the foundation can collect in certain conditions.

Here are some of the reasons water just won’t disappear:

  • A poorly sloped yard
  • Lack of adequate working gutters
  • Leaky foundation
  • Heavy rainfall seeping into foundation cracks
  • No sump pump
  • Broken sump pump

How To Prevent Basement Flooding

Although basement flooding can happen at any time, especially as the weather changes and snow begins to melt or storm season approaches. But there are a few things that you can do to keep flooding and water damage in your basement to a minimum.

  • Clean and maintain your gutters so that they can move water away from your home.
  • Ensure the ground around your home slopes away from the building.
  • Install a sump pump that will drain water from your basement, this will stop water from rising.
  • Seal all cracks, especially in the basement.
  • Install porous pavement around your home to absorb unwanted water.
  • Check and maintain drainage systems and plumbing.

Flooded Basement Restoration Experts

When it comes to flooded basement restoration and cleanup, there are several excellent reasons to choose your local Restoration 1 for aid. Our technicians are certified by the IICRC and are available 24/7. We also have a vast amount of insurance claims experience, our crew is licensed and insured, and we have top-rated customer support staff. For flooded basement cleanup, leave the restoration and cleanup process to the professionals, because it’s not uncommon for flood water to be highly contaminated. There is no substitute for professional restoration experts.

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